No amount of disease in any artery is ever normal. Dr. Feyrer-Melk uses advanced inflammatory, lipid, genetic, saliva & other testing to evaluate heart health & identify and treat cardiac risks before they emerge.

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No more waiting for appointments. You’ll have extended visits based on needs, and continuous, unrestricted access to your cardiologist, Dr.Feyrer-Melk. You’ll receive immediate treatments with specific & targeted approaches.

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Dr. Steve Feyrer-Melk is your Lifestyle Medicine Health Coach, while Dr. Donna Demarco will meet with you to assess your personal dietary & nutritional needs. An Integrative approach to help protect your greatest asset…your health!

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A Special Message from Dr. Feyrer-Melk


 Why the Optimal Heart Center?

Dr Feyrer-Melk is the only cardiologist in Scottsdale and all of Arizona to offer a program to provide screenings, specialized technologies and the research time necessary to comprehensively evaluate & treat cardiac risks before tragedy strikes.
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Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center, provides the most advanced diagnostics and therapies in heart attack and stroke prevention available today.
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Dr. Feyrer-Melk utilizes advanced inflammatory, lipid, genetic, saliva and other testing, tailored to each patient. She invests the time necessary to comprehensively evaluate heart health & treat cardiac risks.  Read More

Cardiologist Scottsdale AZ

It’s more than cardiology. It’s about life!

We aspire to be the best cardiology practice. There is no single definition that captures what we mean by “best.” We know it includes innovative thinking, we know it relies on research and evidence-based science, and we know it incorporates state-of-the-art diagnostics.

You deserve and expect the best when it comes to your health. Our Scottsdale Concierge practice offers unprecedented physician access and exceedingly outstanding care to provide patients with the absolute best heart care possible.

Our Scottsdale Cardiologist is redefining what a cardiology practice can be. She recognizes that trust grows from deep diagnostic knowledge and effective, solutions-oriented treatment available through a hands-on, concierge approach. Dramatically improving the lives of Dr. Feyrer-Melk’s patients is paramount, from discovery to diagnosis to treatment. She instills confidence, while providing the compassion and emotional strength patients need.

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What Makes our Concierge Cardiology Practice Different than other Cardiologists?

State-of-the-art disease prevention and reversal. Focused on the number one killer of Americans, heart attack and stroke.

Cardiologist in Scottsdale Phoenix

Cardiologist Scottsdale, AZ – Dr Feyrer-Melk M.D
A detailed understanding of your heath risks. By discovering any cardiovascular conditions that you may have will position you to know exactly what you need to do to manage those conditions so that they have minimal impact on your lifestyle and productivity.

Discovering any cardiovascular conditions

In part, our job is to teach you to protect yourself as an informed patient. At times you may receive care outside of our office, and we want you to be an empowered and informed patient.

Concierge Cardiology Care

You have one job as a Member of this practice: Succeed. We will move mountains to ensure that you successfully fulfill your health and prevention plan each year. We serve as your partner and coach to motivate and assist you. Your job is to take action.


Comprehensive cardiovascular care, support and advocacy when you are sick with the goal of restoring your health as quickly and comfortably as humanly possible.

cardiologist phoenix arizona

If you are managing cardiovascular disease and its related health risks, you probably have more than one physician influencing your care. In our increasingly specialized and hurried health care system, breakdowns in communication have become a serious danger for patients. Our job is to protect you from those dangers by overseeing all the “cooks in the kitchen” and keep you, and anyone else you like, properly informed.
We’re not a spa, but we are very focused on your experience as a Member. The miserable experience of merely receiving health care today breeds procrastination and is an impediment to good health. We intend to reverse that. My antidote for procrastination is a beautiful health care experience in your terms. Our Members believe the greatest asset they possess is personal health and well-being, without which, quality of life is not possible.


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