Beat the Heart Attack Gene Review

Review By: Dr.  Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk, MD
  Bradley Bale, MD and Amy Doneen ARNP written with Lisa Collier Cool
Publisher:  Wiley General Trade, an imprint of Turner Publishing Company   Pages:  321    ISBN:  978-1-118-45429-9


Beat the Heart Attack GeneEmbroiled in the Perfect Storm, whether we want it, or choose to recognize it, or not.  The US Healthcare system is irreversibly broken, an outdated model in need of fundamental change. Driving this dismal campaign is cardiovascular disease which affects  81 million Americans and is the culprit for one of every two deaths in the US,  and could single-handedly bankrupt our country.  Although we have attained incredible advancements in cardiovascular disease technology such as heart artery stenting,  electrophysiological ablations, implantable defibrillators, and stem cell research,  the associated costs have become astronomical and nonsustainable.  These estimates are based on the current standards of care which focus upon identifying and treating  end-stage arterial disease , derived from a bygone era when technological power was weak,  identifying only critical disease .  Today, we have safe, painless, inexpensive, and reproducible imaging technologies to detect silent and invisible non-obstructive plaque in many types of arteries.  This non-obstructive plaque is a pre-requisite for the vast majority of heart attacks and strokes.  Once identified, plaque becomes sine a qua none for an event, and must be addressed of course with vigorous treatment, but equally as important is a search for the underlying root causes as to why this plaque developed in the first place.  A myriad of health issues are known to produce inflammation of the arteries which can promote plaque progression and elicit a cardiovascular event.   Although conditions such as hypertension, tobacco use, and high cholesterol are classic root causes, others such as periodontal disease, migraine headache, rheumatoid arthritis, sleep apnea, and simply being a firefighter are less obvious.   Extinguishing the inflammation will halt disease in its tracks.  Hence,  we have the means to prevent arterial disease as our number one killer, or at the minimum, treat it before it becomes evident.  However, these latest preventative principles will take  8 – 10 years to become incorporated into the “Standard of Care”, and we frankly do not have the luxury of this precious time.   To the rescue!  Beat the Heart Attack Gene has emerged as the solution to immediately addressing this quandary.

The storm persists as, simultaneously, the locus of power in health care is also shifting.  Instead of the doctor acting as sole manager of patient care, a consumerist model has emerged in which patients and their physicians are true partners in managing a patient’s care.  In fact, patient empowerment is approaching its tipping point.  More and more, patients are realizing that they can improve their medical outcome by taking responsibility for their own health care decisions in partnership with their doctor, and in participating fully in the process.  Further, with easy access to the internet and a heightened sense of awareness about healthcare issues, patients are beginning to understand how to use their influence, their consumer-power, to alter the healthcare landscape.  Polls indicate that patients whom have done research are more likely to have more educated interactions with their physicians, ask more detailed questions regarding their conditions, and receive more appropriate treatment.  And patients know it.  Patients are more and more demanding it.   But they need the proper tool .

And here it is:  The Fire Panel?  The Mass Murderer?  The Joker?  The Cat in the Gutter?    Beat the Heart Attack Gene creates patient-friendly terminology and visual concepts symbolizing fundamental program features in a unique manner to engage, educate,  and motivate a patient’s personal call to action.  Virtually all people are patients at some point in their lives.  Improving a person’s ability to understand and manage their own health and disease, negotiate the different cadres of health professionals, and navigate the complexities of an evolving health system is crucial to achieving  better health outcomes.   Beat the Heart Attack Gene dramatically empowers patients upon the slippery slope of modern healthcare.

Equally impressive,  Beat the Heart Attack Gene transcends patients, and magnificently resonates with most any physician.  With 52 pages of solid medical references, this book lays a new platform for an era of halting cardiovascular disease and focusing instead upon maintaining arterial wellness.  Imagine!  A tangible and proven empowerment paradigm for both patient and physician in unison.  I have yet to meet a physician whom was not simply blown away by the objective principles of the Bale Doneen Method upon which the book is founded.  As a preventative cardiologist, I heed  the Bale Doneen Method  as the cornerstone to “recalibrate” both patients and physicians in the quest for cardiovascular disease prevention.   Physicians whom attend the BaleDoneen Preceptorship courses emerge with an armamentarium of solid and applicable research, specific discovery tools, and treatment  plans  to immediately apply to each and every single patient walking through their door.

This raging storm is clearly far from perfect:  fiscal insolvency, evolving and unpredictable healthcare models,  internet searches a click away, patient empowerment demands,  and predominantly a  strong humanitarian drive point us directly to Beat the Heart Attack Gene as  perhaps our greatest, most widely applicable  tool for both Patient and Physician in their mutual quest for optimal health.  While many things are beyond our capacity to change, our health need not be one of them.   Chances are that plaque in our arteries will place us in the ultimate crosshairs, whether we are aware of it or not.  As empowered Patients & Physicians, armed with Beat the Heart Attack Gene and an optimized lifestyle platform, we need not succumb to our genes, to our national travesty, national bankruptcy, nor to our sad statistics.  Patients and Physicians  can buck the system, and gloriously together can prevent heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes.   Beat the Heart Attack Gene is an all-inclusive gem in the palm of our  hands.   Let us join hands and GO!

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