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Concierge Medicine

The Optimal Way to Deliver Health Care

Without question, the U.S. has the finest sick care system in the world. If you are sick, there’s no place you’d rather be than here. However, if you want to stay well…you’re on your own.

It’s time for a new approach to managing your health.

Concierge medicine shifts the focus from insurance companies and their unending red tape back to the patient. The model allows physicians to provide optimal care for a small group of patients by removing the influences that distort and dilute the doctor-patient relationship.

“As a private physician, I work for you – NOT your insurance company.”

– A. Feyrer-Melk, M.D

Lethal Misconceptions in Cardiac Medicine

50% of heart attack patients have normal cholesterol:  Cholesterol is NOT the holy grail.

Cardiovascular disease doesn’t hurt you until it kills you.

50% of patients find out they have heart disease at the time of autopsy.

Heart attacks and strokes are absolutely preventable.

Having “a little bit of plaque” in your arteries is like having “a little bit of cancer.”

It’s never normal to have disease in your arteries.


Heart Center

At Optimal Heart Center and Body Lab, the team takes control of your personal health goals via an elite, comprehensive medical and lifestyle medicine program.

Dr. Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk is a pioneer in preventive concierge cardiology and is guided by the science from within your own body to identify root causes of vascular disease. She does so by leveraging a myriad of advanced, non-invasive structural tests to detect silent and invisible plaque in the arteries.

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Arizona’s Only Concierge Cardiologist

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Body Lab

The Body Lab at Optimal Heart Center was developed to optimize clients’ personal performance through our proprietary 5-Week Total Body Evaluation.

Developed over more than 30-years, the Dr. Steve Total Body Evaluation focuses on five key areas of health and performance:

  • Genetic Expression

  • Cardiovascular & Muscle Health

  • Body Composition and Mechanics

  • Sleep and Rejuvenation

  • The Athletic High-Achievement Mindset

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The Body Lab Five

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This is your chance to speak to one of the top cardiologists in the country. Isn’t it time to find out if you are living with hidden risks? Memberships are all-inclusive. The Optimal Heart Center & Body Lab does not submit charges to your insurance, which means no co-pays with absolutely no additional fees for any of the testing included in your Heart Center services. In addition, The Body Lab’s Total Body Evaluation is included in your membership.
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