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Is Alcohol Really Good for Your Heart?

You’ve probably heard about the popular studies that show a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart and has health benefits. The antioxidants in wine are also said to protect the lining of your blood vessels and increase “good” cholesterol, which can help prevent plaque from building up inside the blood vessels, which can increase risk of heart attack and stroke.


More recently, new studies show it may even reduce your chances for other conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Even the American Heart Association recommends alcoholic beverages, not just wine, in moderation to reduce cardiovascular risk. Though many recent studies support alcohol as a good “supplement” for cardiovascular health, your genetics may tell you differently.


As it turns out, alcoholic beverages including wine, beer and spirits are only good for you if your body can properly utilize the ethanol in the alcohol – contrary to what recent studies on cardiovascular and overall health show. In fact, about 25% of the population has an abnormal gene, which actually makes alcohol bad for your heart and puts you at a higher risk for heart disease.


Dr. Feyrer-Melk herself is a carrier of the abnormal gene, which puts her at a 42% higher chance of cardiovascular risk. At Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center, we offer a solution to identify if you have this gene. Dr. Feyrer-Melk gives each member a genetic test, which is administered by a cheek swab or blood test. The results of this test will determine if the member has the gene that would make alcohol harmful to them. By administering this test, members can be informed and proactive about their risk for consuming alcoholic beverages.


Your greatest asset is your health. Our goal is to help you decrease risk so you can maximize your quality of life. Trusting an expert in preventative care is the first step in your overall health and wellness.


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