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How to Approach the Man in Your Life About Heart Health

June is Men’s Health Month and with heart disease ranked as the number 1 killer of men and women in the U.S., there’s no better time than the present to discuss heart health with the man in your life.

New research from the University of Cincinnati shows women often take the lead when it comes to health behaviors and being proactive with health concerns. The study showed only 10% of couples being equally involved in promoting healthy behaviors.

Hare some tips on talking with the man in your life about his heart health.

Remain positive. When you’re looking to bring up a health concern or feedback on a not-so-healthy habit, be sure to start with a positive of something that is going well. Experts suggest that you’ll have better results if you avoid complaints, and accusations right from the start.

Discuss the idea side-by-side. According to relationship experts, men tend to prefer side-by-side chats to face-to-face communication. Maybe use a drive together or a walk to bring up challenging topics including health. This is less likely to make the man in your life defensive about his health habits.

Lead by example. There’s no better way to help motivate your man than by setting an example with your own behavior. Help men see the positive changes he can make in himself by looking to your own habits for inspiration. Plus, if you are health-motivated, you can easily get the man in your life involved in your good habits while he’s working on building his own.

Be direct. Don’t expect the man in your life to pick up on subliminal hints for his heart health. Be direct with your thoughts and recommendations. Also be sure to remind him that you’re only bringing up the concerns because you care. Once you assure the guy that you are coming from a place of concern and want to help, he’ll be more willing to listen to what you have to say and take action.

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