Approach to Preventive Cardiology

Traditional cardiac evaluations rely on cholesterol and stress tests as markers in detecting cardiac disease. Misconceptions about heart disease and stroke are that cholesterol causes heart attacks, stress tests determine cardiac disease, and that mild to moderate vessel blockages are no big deal. And, because of insurance issues, physicians throughout the country are often prevented from offering laboratory studies, cardiovascular tests, and substantive time, to help them identify and eradicate strokes and heart attacks.

No amount of disease in any artery is ever normal. Dr. Feyrer-Melk uses advanced inflammatory, lipid, genetic, saliva and other testing to comprehensively evaluate heart health and identify and treat cardiac risks before they emerge. Our concierge practice is significant to people who want to know if they are living with heart risks, or those who need to know how best to treat the risks they are living with.

Dr. Feyrer-Melk and Dr. Steve believe that heart health is closely tied to overall body health. We recently changed our name to the Optimal Heart Center & Body Lab to usher in an exciting chapter in our history, featuring a broad spectrum of advanced wellness options to help you optimize your health like never before. The most significant of these is the introduction of The Body Lab, developed to track your personal performance through our proprietary 5-Week Total Body Evaluation. Dr. Steve utilizes more than 500-points of information to meticulously evaluate your individual results providing actionable steps to re-calibrate performance and achieve next level results.

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