Heart Disease Today

Over 50% of people who will suffer a heart attack do so without experiencing any prior symptoms and, unfortunately, more than 70% of patients who do end up having a heart attack are also considered low risk by traditional testing. We believe there’s a better, more personalized way to achieve heart health and avoid heart attacks.

A New Way Forward

Optimal Heart Center & Body Lab now offers the Cleerly coronary analysis to help you understand your personal risk of a heart attack – earlier, and with the highest precision available, before a cardiac event becomes inevitable.

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What is Cleerly?

The Cleerly coronary analysis is a complete evaluation of the presence, amount, and type of plaque, the root cause of heart disease, in the heart’s arteries based on a Cardiac CT exam (CCTA). Images captured in the CCTA exam are processed by Cleerly software – a set of artificial intelligence based algorithms – and translated into measurements and reports for review by you and your physician. The results of the Cleerly analysis give a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s current state of disease for reference in ongoing heart health and treatment.

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