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Diet May Reduce Risk Of Recurrent Heart Attacks

Healthy Heart Diet PhoenixWe have all come to the understanding that what we eat has an impact on our health. We really can’t get around that…A recently published research study in the highly respected medical journal, Circulation, found that people who currently have heart disease can benefit from a healthy diet. “A healthy diet, in addition to taking their medications, cut their risk of dying from heart disease by an additional 35%.” the study was conducted for over 4 years demonstrated that the healthy eaters cut the risk of another heart attack by 14%, stroke by 19% and congestive heart failure by 28%”

Even more remarkable is that even a slight change in diet has a positive impact.

The participants in this study all had a history of heart disease, stroke or Type 2 diabetes and were 55 or older. Patients were taking medication such as aspirin, statins, and blood pressure medications.

The 32,000 patients were studied and the researchers closely observed what people were eating and then adjusted the findings to factor in weight, smoking, and exercise. They were categorized into five levels of heart-healthy diet based on how often they reported eating dairy, meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables, as well as fried foods and whole grains. The authors did acknowledge that something other than diet could have lowered patient’s heart disease risk. Additional research is needed to solidify the results.

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