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Dr. Steve Speaks at American Academy of Private Physicians Conference

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As a nationally recognized expert in Lifestyle Programs, Dr. Steve was invited to speak at the American Academy of Private Physicians conference in Miami.

His main focus was on how technology can impact patient health within a Concierge practice. The technology includes Fitbit devices and other activity monitors that measure caloric expenditure, steps taken, intensity of activity, sleep, etc.
He discussed other valuable consumer technology like wireless blood pressure cuffs, wireless glucose meters, wireless body composition scales, etc.
Dr. Steve was on an expert panel where he discussed and answered questions  on his position as the Chief Science Officer for a new tech company. The company has developed the Nudge app that gives a 30 day lifestyle score (The Nudge Factor) to help Members see their balance of activities, sleep, water intake, and nutrition.
It only takes 60 seconds per day to input info and it allows the Health Professional a way to easily monitor and give positive feedback and communicate with patients.
Dr. Steve encourages all Optimal Heart Center Members  to go to their smartphone or mobile device app store and install the free Nudge app and use the promo code drsteve2014.

Click here to view video of Dr. Steve from the American Academy of Private Physicians conference in Miami in October on our YouTube channel.

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