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Fitness at LifecourseTherapeutics

The journey of Optimal Health pays high dividends.  The key is for you to be an active partner on the journey as Dr. Feyrer-Melk and the staff at Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center guide you along the way.


One area that can contribute significantly to your health status is found in the many different types of physical activity.  Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center continues to search for the best resources for our patients.  One program that fits well into our philosophy and can contribute to Optimal Health is the program offered at LifecourseTherapeutics.


The services they represent are the “latest and greatest” in cardiovascular risk prevention and include a strength and conditioning program, PowerCentrixTM, that exemplifies a high level of excellence. PowerCentrixTM includes both strength development through increased muscle mass as well as the a nutritional component to produce REAL changes that you will both see and feel. This is not a gym experience or fitness center location.


Dr. Hoffman is the clinical director at Lifecourse TherapeuticsTM and has advanced training as a physical therapist. He has spent countless hours combing through the literature to formulate a program that is scientifically-based, time-efficient, and well-tolerated.


We encourage you to contact Dr. Nate Hoffman, to arrange a complimentary evaluation and see if their program can help you.  You can also speak with Dr. Steve to see if you are a good candidate.


Lifecourse TherapeuticsTM is conveniently located at 7679 E. Pinnacle Peak Road Ste. 100, Scottsdale, 85255. Phone: 480.264.4599. Or for more information, go to

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