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How To: Incorporate Avocado Into Your Diet

avocado good fat for your diet

We have all heard that avocado is a good fat. Dr. Donna, Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center;s nutritionist often recommends avocado as a filling, nutrient rich diet addition to our Member patients.


Though avocado is a fruit, the creamy texture and low sugar count make it a great mix in for a variety of dishes and meals. The avocado is high if fiber and fat, so it is even filling enough to substitute meat in a dish. It also is a good source of mono-saturated fat which is good for heart health. If you aren’t already enjoying avocado in your diet – you just may want to add it!


Here are some ideas of how to incorporate avocado into your breakfast, lunch or dinners. Keep these in mind as you are planning meals for the week.



  • With eggs baked inside
  • In a smoothie


  • Substitute for mayonnaise in egg or chicken salad
  • Spread it on a sandwich


  • In macaroni and cheese
  • Add to a fruit salad (or regular salad)

Check out more ways to incorporate avocado into your diet from by clicking here.

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