What is Concierge Medicine?

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Unprecedented Access to Dr. Feyrer-Melk

No more waiting for appointments. You’ll have extended visits based on needs, and continuous, unrestricted access to Dr. Feyrer-Melk. No more waiting and wondering about test results. You’ll receive immediate treatments with specific and targeted approaches.

State-of-the-Art, Preventive Diagnostics

Dr. Feyrer-Melk utilizes advanced inflammatory, lipid, genetic, saliva and other testing, tailored to each patient. She invests the time necessary to comprehensively evaluate heart health and identify and treat cardiac risks before they arise.

Cell Phone/Email/ZOOM Access

Dr. Feyrer-Melk and Dr. Steve will provide you with their personal cell phone numbers and email addresses so that you can confer with them directly via calling, emailing, or texting as you see fit. They will also meet with you via Zoom for initial consultations and at your convenience.

The Body Lab

Dr. Steve helps you maximize your quality of life with confidence and success. He builds a trusting environment to assess your health and fitness level. The Body Lab at Optimal Heart Center was developed to track your personal performance through our proprietary 5-Week Total Body Evaluation, included in your membership.

Developed over more than thirty-years, the Dr. Steve Total Body Evaluation focuses on five key areas of health and performance:

  • Genetic Expression
  • Cardiovascular & Muscle Health
  • Body Composition and Mechanics
  • Sleep and Rejuvenation
  • The Athletic High-Achievement Mindset

Weight Management

Dr. Steve and Dr. Donna assess your personal dietary needs and use cutting-edge tools to help meet your individual nutritional requirements. Dr. Donna offers a mock shopping trip to educate you about label reading and when appropriate, alternative choices to your current nutrition.

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