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Pippa Frame: Unique name… Unique Program… Amazing Results!

pippa-frame Flexibility is a component of wellness that is most often neglected.  As a result, most people I evaluate fall in the at risk or moderate risk categories for flexibility.


Now I must admit that lack of flexibility will not be the demise of most people. However, having and/or maintaining a healthy level of flexibility can contribute significantly to decreased risk of injury and more importantly, increased quality of life.


After receiving the highest recommendation from a Member Patient, I scheduled an appointment at with an expert in Fascial Stretch Therapy, Yoga, and Pilates.  This was going to be interesting.  Could this Flexibility-Challenged Ph.D. be helped by the care of anyone, including this expert?


Well, her program is as unique as her name…Pippa Frame put me at ease even before I entered her intimate and personal studio, located in the north wing of her home.  Pippa’s Pilates & Stretch provides an environment that made me feel like I was going to visit my best friend.  I felt my stress began to exit my body within minutes.


What was so comforting was that Pippa talked me through every move, from her evaluation with expert eye, to a complete body treatment that was totally pain free and drastically improved my flexibility by the end of the session.  This certainly was much more valuable than a message!


Your greatest asset is your health. The Optimal Heart Attack & Stroke Prevention Center maintains cutting edge testing, treatments, and programming.  Our goal is to help you decrease risk so you can maximize Quality of Life.  One aspect that significantly contributes to your level of Wellness is your Flexibility.  Going to an expert with years of experience can provide you with the necessary guidance to minimize your effort and time while maximizing results.  Pippa Frame is the expert that can individualize a plan for you.


Pippa also is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor which contributes to her complete offering. Contact Pippa and see how Pippa’s Pilates & Stretch an help you improve your Quality of Life.


Pippa Frame, MFA
PMA Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist
ACE Certified Personal Trainer

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