Health and Longevity Start with
Telomere and Cardiac DNA Testing

Dr. Feyrer-Melk incorporates the world’s only genetic lab that can accurately assess the “biological age” of member patients on an annual basis. This valuable and powerful information adds to the effectiveness of her individualized programming which begins upon a platform of cardiac DNA testing.

Telomeres are found on the ends of each chromosome and unfortunately, short Telomeres are linked with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. However, all is not lost! Research has shown that the health of the Telomere can be improved because it is related to genetics, environment, and lifestyle.

Using Telomere and cardiac DNA guidance, both Dr. Feyrer-Melk and Dr. Steve work thoroughly to outline personalized goals. Dr. Feyrer-Melk diligently guides the process of healing the insides of the arteries which is assessed through quarterly specialty labs. The successful integration of lifestyle programs and therapeutic interventions promote improved quality of life, healthy arteries, and a reduction of the aging process. Ultimately, Dr. Feyrer-Melk strives to reduce the development of age-related disease and improve quality of life. Annual Telomere testing is one of the “report cards” by which these efforts are monitored and programming adjusted.

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