In development for more than 30 years, the Body Lab at Optimal Heart Center aims to help clients reach the next level in their performance through a proprietary Total Body Evaluation that leverages leading-edge technologies to provide personalized, actionable results in a medical setting.

Intro to The Body Lab

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An Athlete’s Dream Data

Dr. Steve’s Optimal Body Lab Evaluation provides the precise personalized health data that athletes and fitness conscious Arizonans want to know to boost their performance with an extra edge.

For the well-conditioned person, the Optimal Body Lab Evaluation offers actionable results to create the performance enhancement you’ve been searching for. The complex matrix of overall health data is gathered in a cardiologist office using a highly curated mix of leading-edge technologies to produce a first of its kind performance report for both elite and recreational athletes.

Leading-Edge Technology Curated for the Total Body

The leading-edge technologies utilized in the Body Lab’s comprehensive Total Body Evaluation have been curated and fine-tuned over Dr. Steve’s 30-year career. Always ahead of industry trends, Dr. Steve examined the effects of wearable health devices decades before they became commonplace.

The Total Body Evaluation has been a long-time dream finally realized because science and innovation have brought to market what Dr. Steve believes to be the right mix of performance and health evaluating technologies in cardio, genetics, muscle, body composition, sleep and stress levels. The proprietary mix of evaluations produces a first of its kind report that helps client reach their highest potential.

Personalized Report Spotlighting Actionable Results

Around the office at Optimal Heart Center & Body Lab, Dr. Steve has a well-deserved reputation for being able to motivate any client by spotlighting the positive aspects of current health and outlining actionable results to move clients to the next level of their health and performance goals. Dr. Steve and his wife, Dr. Feyrer-Melk, team up together to help patients achieve optimal long-term outcomes.

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Although the Body Lab is included in Optimal Heart membership, non-members who are only interested in The Body Lab can do so for a separate fee. Call 480.757.8768 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Steve or sign-up online below.

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