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Using Fitbits to Track Members’ Exercise

As you know, physical activity is a key component for overall prevention and quality of life. What you may not know is that your perception of the level and frequency of physical activity can be very different from reality. Many times you may feel as if you are being plenty active, but in reality, you may not be exercising enough for your specific health needs.


That is why our wellness team at the Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center uses an objective device that can measure if members are being active in a range that is beneficial to their health: The Fitbit.


The Fitbit, a personal accelerometer, measures multiple types of activity including daily movement (number of steps and flights of stairs/elevation). It can also monitor quality of sleep and keep track of caloric intake, water consumption, etc. The multiple categories that the Fitbit can monitor are essential for optimal health. It can even track caloric expenditure including “non-exercise” movement and basal metabolic rate, which is the number of calories your body burns just sitting still. The Fitbit helps Dr. Steve and the Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center team monitor physical activity for improving quality of life and health.


Every Optimal Heart Attack and Stoke Prevention Center member receives a Fitbit as part of his or her membership. Dr. Steve works with each and every member to individualize the Fitbit device, this can include downloading the Fitbit mobile app to sync the device for constant updating during your first session.


You may be asking, “What do I do once I get my Fitbit?” Excellent question. We educate our members on how to use and wear the Fitbit, when to wear it, what information to keep track of, and realistic goals to set when using the device.


As a part of every visit, Dr. Steve reviews Fitbit information with members to discuss results and make recommendations for physical activity based on the findings. Dr. Steve can then provide suggestions for weight management, by monitoring the Fitbit energy expenditure information and member history.


Physical activity recommendations depend on a holistic review of many factors including health history, physical condition, patient activity interest, health status and specific recommendations from Dr. Feyrer-Melk on your health needs.


At Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center, we are committed to helping you decrease risk factors to improve your quality of life through preventative care. Want to learn more? Call us today at 480-941-0800.

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